Hi-Rez Stands Up For The Second Amendment And Releases "Triggered" With Baste Records

Baste Records, a proudly conservative music label championing self-defense rights, has joined forces with Hi-Rez, the rapper known for his impactful lyrics and commitment to advocating individual liberties. Their collaboration unfolds in the new release "Triggered," a hip-hop track set to make waves with its bold stance on the Second Amendment in the context of America's struggle with school shootings.

The music video for "Triggered" incorporates footage that touches on significant events, including footage of Kyle Rittenhouse and the McCloskeys, as well as the recent attacks on Israel by Hamas. This creative decision adds layers of complexity to the visual narrative, intertwining domestic and international incidents with Hi-Rez's poignant lyrics.

The song's thematic core centers around Hi-Rez's personal journey towards embracing the Second Amendment, driven by the tragic loss of his cousin in the Parkland shooting. This profound connection to the issue infuses "Triggered" with authenticity and emotion, elevating it beyond a mere political statement.

Baste Records, in their press release, expresses enthusiasm about their partnership with Hi-Rez and emphasizes their dedication to providing a platform for artists to freely express themselves on critical and, at times, controversial issues. The label positions itself as a supporter of free speech, allowing artists like Hi-Rez to delve into topics that are often divisive.

"Triggered" serves as the inaugural chapter in what promises to be a compelling collaboration between Baste Records and Hi-Rez. The track not only showcases the rapper's thought-provoking lyricism but also demonstrates the label's commitment to fostering a space for artists to engage with societal issues.

"Triggered" by Hi-Rez on Baste Records is a bold, thought-provoking composition that fearlessly explores the intersection of personal tragedy, Second Amendment rights, and the broader sociopolitical landscape. It stands as a testament to the power of music to confront and dissect challenging topics while maintaining a dedication to artistic expression and free speech.

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