Afroman Meets Donald Trump at the National Libertarian Convention

In a surprising twist to an already eclectic event, the 2024 Libertarian National Convention saw an unexpected encounter between two figures from very different worlds: Afroman and Donald Trump. Held at the Washington Hilton from May 24 to the early morning of May 27, the convention was abuzz with political discussions, candidate nominations, and an unforgettable karaoke night.

The convention, aimed at selecting the Libertarian Party nominees for president and vice president in the upcoming election, was a hub of passionate debates and diverse viewpoints. However, it was the unconventional mix of entertainment and politics that truly stole the show. The highlight was undoubtedly the karaoke event, where Afroman, the artist known for his iconic hit "Because I Got High," took the stage to perform his viral sensation "Hunter Got High," produced by Baste Records.

Afroman's performance was electrifying, his humor and laid-back style resonating with the crowd. "Hunter Got High," written by Chris Wallin, Executive Partner and Head of A&R at Baste Records, pokes fun at recent political scandals with a catchy, irreverent tune. The song has garnered millions of views online, becoming a cultural touchstone and a talking point in the political satire landscape.

Baste Records, which has been a strong supporter of Afroman, was well-represented at the event. Chris Wallin, the creative force behind "Hunter Got High," expressed his excitement over the song's success and the unexpected publicity boost from Trump's appearance. The Libertarian National Convention, already a significant event for the party's future, gained an extra layer of intrigue and media attention thanks to this memorable meeting. As the Libertarians prepare for the 2024 election, they do so with a renewed sense of energy and a reminder that in politics, as in life, you never know what will happen next.





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