Afroman Mocks Hunter Biden with New Satirical Hit "Hunter Got High"

If you were to make a list of all of the great “stoner” songs, a few would immediately come to mind. Hits From the Bong by Cypress Hill. The Next Episode by Dr. Dre and Snoop, Mary Jane by Rick James—but none of these hold the same spot in society as Because I Got High by Afroman.

Now, nearly a quarter-century after its release, Afroman is back with another hit of a similar name, but this time with a satirical, political spin, in the form of "Hunter Got High."

The track goes in on President Biden and his son Hunter, with humor embedded in just about every line.

Conservative music company Baste Records is thrilled to unveil its first venture into political satire with "Hunter Got High" by Afroman. With lyrics penned alongside acclaimed Nashville songwriter Chris Wallin, this side-splitting rendition of Afroman's chart-topping anthem, "Because I Got High" offers a hilarious take on the infamous escapades of Hunter Biden. The song is performed by Afroman himself.

"As the nation braces for another round of heated debates and contentious campaigns, "Hunter Got High" offers a refreshingly satirical take on the political landscape," a statement says. "With the Democrats playing dirty and employing lawfare against Trump, it’s time for conservative artists to enter the cultural arena and call out the corruption of the Biden administration. The song deconstructs Hunter Biden’s exploits while providing much-needed comic relief and nostalgia to listeners."

"Musical culture is a powerful way to reach new voters and this song lets everyone know that even Afroman is fed up with the way the Democrats are running the country," the statement concludes.

The track is one that will leave you smiling. Afroman, in top form on the track, showed why he's reached legend status. 
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