Afroman's "Hunter Got High" Rockets to No. 8 on Billboard Charts with Trump's Endorsement, Courtesy of Baste Records

In a bold defiance of the music industry's entrenched biases and political leanings, Baste Records proudly unveils the groundbreaking success of Afroman's latest single, "Hunter Got High." Not only has the track achieved viral status, but it has also soared to an impressive No. 8 on both the R&B/Hip-Hop Digital Song Sales and Rap Digital Song Sales charts, as reported by Billboard.

This feat is not merely a reflection of musical prowess; it's a testament to Baste Records' unwavering commitment to promoting authentic voices in an industry too often mired in liberal conformity and woke ideology.

Former President Donald Trump himself has lent his seal of approval to Baste Records' groundbreaking work, hailing its efforts as "SO GREAT." Such recognition underscores the significance of "Hunter Got High" as more than just a chart-topping hit; it's a cultural phenomenon challenging the status quo of the left-leaning entertainment industry.

One of the strategic moves employed by Baste Records to secure this chart success was a focus on direct-purchase digital downloads on platforms like iTunes and Amazon. This approach circumvented the rigged streaming system that often sidelines right-wing counter-culture artists, effectively ensuring that Afroman's message reached audiences far and wide.

As "Hunter Got High" continues to resonate with audiences nationwide, Baste Records remains at the forefront of a right-wing counter-cultural musical revolution challenging left-leaning music industry norms and amplifying unconventional conservative and right-leaning voices. 

You can support Baste Records and Afroman by purchasing "Hunter Got High" on iTunes or Amazon here:

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