An American Beat from 1995: "Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident)" Recorded by John Michael Montgomery

Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident)" by John Michael Montgomery is a catchy country tune that perfectly encapsulates the excitement and thrill of a good old-fashioned auction. With lyrics that showcase Montgomery's impressive ability to deliver rapid-fire, tongue-twisting lines, this song is a foot-tapping, feel-good hit.

The song's story revolves around a narrator who finds himself at a county auction and becomes captivated by a beautiful lady in the crowd. His heart and his impulses lead him to bid for her affection, creating a fun love story using the framework of an auction. Lyrically, the song paints a vivid picture of the auction scene and the narrator's infatuation. It cleverly uses auction terminology to describe his pursuit of love.

John Michael Montgomery's delivery in this song is spot-on, and his enthusiasm shines through as he navigates the fast-paced verses. The chorus is infectious, with the repeated lines, "I'm goin' once, goin' twice, I'm sold," making it impossible not to sing along.

"Sold" is a classic country song that showcases John Michael Montgomery's vocal prowess and storytelling skills. It's a toe-tapping, lighthearted track that's sure to leave a smile on your face and make you want to join in the auction fun. With its memorable melody and playful lyrics, it's no wonder this song became a chart-topping hit in 1995.

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