An Exclusive Chat with Chad Prather on His Upcoming Baste Records Release

Exiting news: Chad Prather's latest single, "Famous Again," hits the airwaves on March 29th, under the banner of Baste Records.

Baste Records, known for its unapologetically right-wing stance, has been making waves in Nashville under the leadership of Chris Wallin, whose songwriting credits include hits with icons like Toby Keith.

Prather's partnership with Baste Records promises to breathe new life into the country music scene.

"Famous Again" is positioning itself to be a rallying cry for those who love the authentic sounds of country music and yearn for a collective return to faith in Christ.

In a recent interview, Prather shared insights into the inspiration behind "Famous Again" and his thoughts on the state of entertainment and politics:

Tell us more about your upcoming release with Baste!

Chad: "Famous Again gets us back to several key values that I think we've lost. One is faith and another is real country music. We see how society is slipping, and music seems to be slipping with it. This song is a great formula for getting those important things back."

Who are some of your top musical and artistic inspirations?

Chad: "Willie, Waylon, Merle, George, and the other George."

Do you have any advice for younger people who are just starting out their careers in entertainment or politics?

"There's a big wall in front of you. Occasionally someone comes along and pushes that thing over. However, most of us will spend our lives chipping away at it. Don't lose the drive and hustle because the obstacles don't chip away as fast as you'd like."

Any predictions for 2024? Do you think Trump is getting back in the White House?

Chad: "We will see. I think the system is massively stacked against him. We definitely can't survive any more time with the current anti-American policies that are being pushed on us today."

In closing, is there anything else you would like to promote or share with us?

Chad Prather: "Be sure to find me out on the road at Stay tuned for a ton of great stuff coming in the future from Baste Records."

With "Famous Again," Chad Prather and Baste Records are set to shake up the country music scene, offering a refreshing take on tradition in an ever-changing world. Mark your calendars for March 29th and pre-save the song that's poised to reignite the spirit of Jesus in country music.


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