Bret Michaels of Poison says he would have been a "long-haul trucker" if he didn't become famous

A renowned figure in the rock music realm, Bret Michaels has traversed the nation extensively throughout his career. "I love traveling," he disclosed to Fox News Digital, revealing a profound passion for the journey. "I’ve said, ‘In my other life, if I had not continued to succeed in music, I would have still been in a cover band. I'm not making that up. Like I always play music. It's therapeutic to me, but also, I could be either a DJ or a long-haul trucker."

The founding member of Poison, reflecting on his nomadic lifestyle, shared, "being on the road so much, it was never a down moment in the sense of having a bad day." However, he acknowledged the challenge of striking a balance between professional commitments and familial responsibilities. "What was tough is I became a father," he elaborated, "which is sometimes when your kids are having a special event, right? And you're not going to be able to be back, because you're in South America or something. Those are the tough, bittersweet moments, you know, as a dad."

Expressing gratitude for his career, Michaels embraced the sentiments echoed in "The Godfather," noting, "But being on the road, I know everyone wants it. I'm grateful. Like it's in the words of the movie ‘The Godfather,’ ‘This is the life we've chosen.’"

Michaels, a father of two daughters, Raine, 24, and Jorja, 19, with partner Kristi Gibson, is preparing for the release of a new biography, scheduled to premiere on Father’s Day. The A&E special offers him an opportunity to reflect on his journey and share insights into his life and career, Fox News reports.

Excited about the upcoming biography, Michaels emphasized the significance of family involvement, particularly praising his daughters' contributions to the project. "I like to think that I'm a really good father, and we have fun," he remarked proudly. "And I say, ‘Girls, if you want to do this, [the producers] would love it. They went in, and [the producers] said they did really good stuff."

Keen on exploring deeper aspects of his life, Michaels expressed enthusiasm for the comprehensive approach adopted by the biography project. "I wanted to do a deep-dive biography. The producers and A&E were incredible. We went everywhere," he divulged.

In addition to his musical endeavors, Michaels is gearing up for a podcast venture, collaborating with his daughter Raine and Fox Sports producer Jay Glazer for "The Rock, The Jock & The Talk." Describing the podcast's format, he shared, "We're going to get on there and talk [about] the funniest topics. It's evergreen funny topics, and we'll just kind of wing it."

Proud of his daughters' ambitions, Michaels highlighted Jorja's aspirations in the beauty industry, stating, "And hopefully they both, again, live out the lives that they want to live. And I'm going to support it."

Reflecting on his journey from humble beginnings, Michaels recalled pivotal moments that shaped his career trajectory. "I'm like, ‘That's all I need,’" he reminisced about his determination to start a band. "We had each other's back, and continue to have each other's back, through so many great things, but such amazing times of us just coming out and playing small venues – you have to move the pool table to the side to fit the drum kit in at the Paradise Bar and Grill – and just never lose that. Yeah, and ‘never give up' spirit."

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