Bryson Gray & Tyson James SLAM Hook-Up Culture and Celebrate Tradwives with "Do It In The Kitchen"

Bryson Gray and Tyson James, prominent Christian conservative rappers, continue to make waves with their unapologetic celebration of traditional values in their latest track, "Do It In The Kitchen." This song, featured in their album "Black & White," takes a humorous yet bold approach to praising homemakers and wives who embrace traditional roles in the family while simultaneously calling out non-traditional women.

The track opens with Bryson Gray addressing contemporary issues, calling out Instagram culture and its impact on traditional values. He takes a stand against the societal pressure to reject submission in relationships and criticizes the concerning influence on children. Bryson's previous track, "Homemakers," laid the groundwork for this celebration of domesticity, setting the stage for "Do It In The Kitchen."

The music video accompanying the song is authentic since it is homemade. Bryson Gray and Tyson James, along with their wives and children, are portrayed in a kitchen setting, dancing with lighting and energy reminiscent of a club atmosphere. This clever reversal of the typical club music scene injects irony into the video, making the celebration of family values rival the degenerate club culture and music that promotes sexual promiscuity.

Tyson James, in his verse, takes a no-nonsense approach, dissing women who lack culinary skills and suggesting a correlation between the ability to cook and relationship success. 

The song's production is catchy, with infectious beats that keep the energy high throughout. The clever lyrics and engaging visuals make it a standout track on the "Black & White" album which is available on streaming platforms now.


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