Calling Out Compliant Rock Stars: Five Times August's "Ain't No Rock And Roll" Pre-save Now Available on Baste Records

Rock 'n' Roll has always been synonymous with rebellion, non-conformity, and challenging the status quo. It's a genre that thrives on pushing boundaries and defying expectations. Enter Five Times August who's about to drop a new single that takes aim at those rock stars who chose compliance over rebellion during challenging times.

The song is also the debut single of Baste Records, an independent music company whose motto is "The Counter Culture to Cancel Culture". They are also working with comedian and country musician Chad Prather.

"Ain't No Rock And Roll," slated for release on October 6th, promises to be a fiery anthem from perhaps the most profound and prolific protest songwriter of the last few years. What makes this release even more exciting is the ensemble of talent that has contributed to the track. Let's dive into the personnel behind this single:

1. Pete Parada (Drums): Known for his drumming skills in The Offspring and The Defiant, Pete Parada's drumming will be featured on this track.

2. Ira Dean (Bass): Ira Dean, a hit songwriter and renowned producer, steps in on bass. With his track record of working alongside Aaron Lewis, you can expect nothing short of perfection in the groove department.

3. Tom Bukovac (Guitars): Tom Bukovac, whose guitar prowess has graced the stages of Tom Petty and Joe Walsh, adds his signature style to the mix. 

4. Jim “Moose” Brown (Keys): A key member of Bob Seger’s band, Jim “Moose” Brown takes control of the keys.

5. Dan Frizsell (Production and Engineering): With experience as Kid Rock’s producer and engineer, Dan Frizsell ensures that the production is nothing short of stellar.

6. Chris Wallin (Producer): Chris Wallin, a #1 mega-hit songwriter, steps into the producer's role, overseeing the creative music production.

It's great to see Five Times August work with this type of team, especially in an era where conformity often overshadows rebellion and many rock stars boycott anyone who go against the mainstream narrative. From what we can tell, this single promises to be a rallying cry for those who were disappointed to see their favorite rock stars sell out to big pharma and government corruption in the last few years.

The track's release is highly anticipated, and fans can already pre-save it at The accompanying music video is also something to watch out for, promising to be a visual feast that complements the rebellious energy of the song.

Rock music as a genre is not just about music; it's a state of mind, a symbol of resistance, and an unwavering commitment to freedom.

We're excited to hear this tune. Stay tuned for its release on October 6th, and get ready to rock! 

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