Chad Prather Releases Wynn Varble's "I'd Be Jolly Too" with Baste Records: A Hilarious Holiday Delight

"I'd Be Jolly Too," written by the seasoned country music songwriter Wynn Varble and performed by Chad Prather, is a delightful departure from the politically charged tracks that have defined Baste Records in recent times. Instead of delving into social or political issues, this Christmas-themed song takes a humorous and lighthearted approach to the holiday season.

Chad Prather's rendition of the song is filled with charisma, capturing the playful essence of the lyrics. The composition is brought to life by a talented lineup of musicians, including Jim "Moose" Brown on keyboards and piano, Randy Kohrs on dobro and lap steel, Kevin Grantt "Swine" on bass guitar, John Willis on acoustic, and Lonnie Wilson on drums. The collaboration is well-balanced, creating a festive atmosphere that complements the humor woven into the song.

The lyrics, a witty creation of Varble's songwriting prowess, take aim at none other than Santa Claus himself. The premise revolves around the notion that Santa's jolliness may not solely stem from his love of spreading holiday cheer. Instead, the song humorously suggests that Santa might be jolly because he knows where to find all the "bad girls." This playful twist on the traditional Christmas narrative adds a refreshing touch to the holiday music scene, offering a light-hearted alternative to more serious seasonal tunes.

The production quality, helmed by Baste Records executive Chris Wallin, is top-notch, and Dan Frizsell's engineering expertise adds a layer of polish to the overall sound. The instrumentation, ranging from the lively piano to the twangy lap steel, contributes to the festive ambiance of the track. The seamless synergy among the musicians is evident, creating a catchy and enjoyable listening experience.

"I'd Be Jolly Too" proves to be a well-executed comedic Christmas song that injects humor into the holiday spirit. While it may not be a profound commentary on society or a political statement, it succeeds in its mission to entertain and spread joy during the festive season. For those looking to break away from the seriousness of life and embrace the lighter side of the holidays, this song is a perfect addition to the seasonal playlist.

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