Counter Culture Anthem: Baste Records and Five Times August Call Out Cowardly and Compliant Rock Stars With "Ain't No Rock And Roll"

Nashville-based Baste Records made a resounding entrance into the music scene with Five Times August's debut single, "Ain't No Rock And Roll." Singer and songwriter Brad Skistimas, known as Five Times August, takes center stage with an anthem that directly calls out rock stars for their compliance with government mandates, particularly during the COVID-19 fiasco.

The opening stanza paints a desolate picture of an industry that has forsaken its rebellious and freedom-loving roots. The lyrics lament the fading resonance of past songs, emphasizing that the once powerful anthems now fail to evoke the same emotions.

The song is a searing commentary on the state of the liberal music industry and it challenges listeners to reflect on the price paid for the commercialization of rebellion. In a world where authenticity is often compromised for profit, this song stands as a defiant reminder that the spirit of rock and roll will not be silenced.

The accompanying music video serves as a visual critique, featuring images of iconic rock stars, These visuals are juxtaposed with past headlines and quotes, revealing their overt support for government mandates, exclusive performances for the vaccinated, and dismissal of fans who questioned such mandates.

With "Ain't No Rock And Roll," Five Times August and Baste Records have not only crafted a powerful piece of music but have also ignited a conversation about the state of the liberal music industry and the need for rock stars to support the spirit of freedom inherent in rock and roll music.

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