"Eyes of Advice": TimCast's Enigmatic and Surreal Exploration of Altered States and Mental Health

In TimCast's latest release, "Eyes of Advice," the journey through altered states of consciousness and mental health takes center stage. Atleast that's what we think is going on as the music video is mysterious and open to interpretation. Written and performed by Tim Pool and Carter Banks, the song delves deep into the complexities of mental health, pharmaceutical drugs, and the blurred lines between reality and perception.

Carter Banks, the mastermind behind the arrangement, recording, production, mixing, and mastering of the track, intricately weaves together haunting melodies and evocative lyrics. Meanwhile, Pete Parada's drums add a pulsating rhythm that drives the narrative forward. The song is already charting #1 on the Alternative chart on iTunes.

The music video, a surreal and visually stunning experience, follows the protagonist (Ian Crossland) on a psychedelic interdimensional trip through a mysterious door. As he traverses through this surreal landscape, encountering a ghostly entity with piercing eyes, it appears that the eyes represent the influence and allure of pharmaceutical drugs.

In a climactic moment, the protagonist confronts entity with eyes that seem to offer advice, mirroring the seductive nature of addiction. As he takes one of the entity's eyes, it transforms into a white pill—a potent metaphor for the allure and danger of substance abuse or psychiatric drugs.

In fact it appears the entire song is sung from the perspective of this entity. Be it interepretted as an inner-demon or as an other wordly force that is spirtually attacking the protagonist.

Through captivating imagery and metaphorical storytelling, TimCast paints a vivid portrait of the internal struggle faced by those battling addiction. The song's title, "Eyes of Advice," takes on new meaning as it sings from the perspective of the protagonist navigating the treacherous waters of altered states and dependency. Atleast this is our interpretation. What do you think?


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