Five Times August's "Ain't No Rock And Roll" Hits 1 Million Views on X

This song isn't your average tune; it's a bold testament to the enduring spirit of rock and roll. Crafted by the talented singer-songwriter, Five Times August, it resonates with those who yearn to challenge government mandates and lockdowns and embrace the spirit of freedom. Known for writing protest songs that rally against the norm, the artist is no stranger to making waves with his music and creating unique music videos that animate the message of his songs.

With its engaging lyrics and a rebellious attitude, the song quickly transformed into a viral sensation on social media. Accompanying the song is a visually captivating lyric video. Laden with symbolism and hidden messages, the music video has surpassed 1 million views on X.

What adds an extra layer of star power to this anthem is the remarkable talent involved in its creation. Produced by the acclaimed Chris Wallin, the song features the exceptional drumming skills of Pete Parada, formerly of The Offspring, and the bass talents of Ira Dean, known for his collaboration with Aaron Lewis.

Behind this anthem is Baste Records, an independent label known for its support of the counter-cultural movement and its refusal to conform to liberal entertainment industry norms. "Ain't No Rock And Roll" perfectly embodies this spirit, resonating with a global audience that values freedom and individuality.

The song's journey is a testament to the power of music to challenge the norm. As the song continues to inspire an ever-growing audience, it reminds us that the spirit of rock and roll is alive and well, always ready to challenge norms and inspire a new generation of music enthusiasts.

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