"FREE GAZA FROM HAMAS": Ziggy Marley Blasts Anti-Semitic Terrorists and Supports Israel

Reggae superstar Ziggy Marley took to social media to express his views on the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. His most recent instagram post unequivocally declares his support for the Israeli government's offensive actions in response to the October 7th Hamas pogrom on innocent Israeli civillians. Ziggy Marley proudly declares: "FREE GAZA FROM HAMAS".


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This public endorsement of Israel's actions by a prominent figure in the reggae music industry highlights the genre's deep connection to both Judaism and Zionism. For many, this conflict represents a struggle against extremism, where violent jew-hatred and anti-western sentiment is inflamed through an ongoing proxy war in the Middle East that pits Israel and its allies against Iran, Russia and China, who cynically use Palestinian suffering to attack freedom and peace in the Middle East to further their own selfish agendas.

The death toll on both sides has risen dramatically since the initial attack against Israel civillians from Hamas on October 7th. While Ziggy Marley's public stance may surprise some since some celebrities often steer clear of controversial political topics, Marley's willingness to take a stand on this issue is noteworthy.

The debate over the Israel-Hamas conflict continues to rage on, both online and offline, with diverse opinions and perspectives contributing to a global conversation about the ongoing turmoil in the Middle East.

As the conflict unfolds and opinions like Ziggy Marley's continue to emerge, it is clear that the Israel-Hamas issue remains a topic that demands thoughtful consideration and engagement from individuals and nations around the world.

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