Hi-Rez Teams Up With Baste Records to Destroy Fake News Headlines With "Fact Check"

Hi-Rez, the rapper and musician known for his lyrics and bold statements has released a tongue-in-cheek, thought-provoking song titled "Fact Check," in which he delves into a myriad of conspiracy theories, both real and sarcastic.

Signed with Baste Records, Hi-Rez kicks off the track with lines like "The government filled with a bunch of reptiles and a bunch of pedophiles," and "You don’t want to be scrutinizing the government or you will be suicided," followed by a cheeky "Fact Check!" interjection.

The lyrics touch on a wide range of conspiracy theories, from the widely debunked ideas like the moon landing was a hoax, or Michelle Obama being a man, or even that Tupac is alive in Cuba. Each assertion is met with a humorous "Fact Check!" tagline.

Throughout the track, Hi-Rez questions who gets to decide what is real and what is fake, poking fun at the idea of censorship and the manipulation of information. He highlights the absurdity of blindly believing everything presented as fact, urging listeners to question and think critically about the information they consume.

One instance of this that reflects the song well is the stanza that follows here:

Big pharma putting profits over every single damn patient
We all know that birds ain’t real they just government surveillance
Rap labels been profiting off of the prison systems and jails
We are breathing chemicals every single day from chemtrails

The chorus reinforces the message, with Hi-Rez questioning the authority behind determining truth and warning of the consequences of blindly accepting narratives without scrutiny.

With lines like "The government spying on you in your home" and "They tracking all of us on every single phone," Hi-Rez touches on real-world concerns about surveillance and privacy, juxtaposed with more outlandish claims for comedic effect.

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