"It's Ok To Be a Right-Wing Musician": Prog-Metal Musician Become The Knight Breaks Down His Perspective on Music and Politics

Despite the title suggesting a potentially heated political discussion filled with overzealous pundits, this little YouTube video (published in Febuary of 2023) delves into the challenges faced by musicians, particularly those who identify as right-wing liberals. Become The Knight's video "It's ok to be a right wing musician" starts with a clear disclaimer, emphasizing the personal nature of the content and the clear subjectivity of his own life experience.

It's a nuanced take friends!

Become The Knight reflects on the pressures faced by musicians in an industry that has leaned left for quite some time. The fear of being blackballed for conservative beliefs is a stark reality discussed, shedding light on the challenges faced by those who choose to express their political views.

The creator shares personal experiences, referencing instances where they expressed their opinions, such as responding to Adam Neely's video on Critical Race Theory (CRT). The complexity of navigating political waters in the music and entertainment industry is well-articulated, acknowledging the increasing pressure to become a political activist.

What stands out in this video is the Become The Knight's commitment to integrity and authenticity. He discusses the temptation to conform to prevailing political narratives but emphasizes the importance of staying true to one's values. The message is clear – musicians need not shout their politics from the rooftops, but they should feel free to express themselves honestly without fear of reprisal.

Become The Knight offers a refreshing perspective on the intersection of music and politics! Check out the video above and give him a follow on social media. He also plays with the band Crusade.

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