John Rich, Aaron Lewis, Cowboy Troy, and Lee Greenwood to Perform at Flagstock on Labor Day

In a recent heartfelt tweet, country singer John Rich shared a moving story about the origins of the Star-Spangled Banner, recounting the bravery of soldiers who died defending the flag during a fierce battle. Rich's passion for patriotic celebrations is evident as he announces an exciting event, Flagstock, set to take place on Labor Day, September 2nd, in North Carolina.

Flagstock is more than just a festival—it's a tribute to the students from the University of North Carolina who courageously defended the American flag against protesters in April. Rich, half of the renowned duo Big & Rich, took to social media to praise these students and reveal plans for this daylong celebration of patriotism.

The festival will feature an impressive musical lineup, including performances by Big & Rich, Aaron Lewis (known for his hit "Am I The Only One"), Cowboy Troy, and the iconic Lee Greenwood, who will sing "God Bless the U.S.A." This event promises to be a remarkable showcase of talent and national pride, live-streamed across the country.

Reflecting on the bravery displayed by the UNC students, Rich expressed his admiration and eagerness to honor them. He also hinted at potential additions to the lineup, encouraging fans to stay tuned for further announcements.

Rich's commitment to celebrating American values shines through this event, standing in stark contrast to what he describes as the establishment's tendency to downplay patriotic sentiments. Flagstock aims to be a powerful reminder of the love and respect many Americans hold for their country.

Join John Rich and other artists this Labor Day for Flagstock, a heartfelt celebration of our flag, our heroes, and the spirit of America. Stay tuned to Rich's social media for updates on this unmissable event!

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