Lee Greenwood Performs "God the Bless USA" at Mar-a-Lago with Trump in Attendance

Lee Greenwood's classic "God Bless the USA" is the defacto MAGA anthem. Mar-a-Lago has been full of music recently and it's great to see Lee Greenwood show up and perform his legendary tune.

Recently, Biden was serenaded by a TikToker. The comparison between Trump's appreciation for Lee Greenwood's performance of "God Bless the USA" and Biden's interaction with a Lana Del Ray tune is... interesting.

On one hand, Trump's remarks to Lee Greenwood exemplify a sense of patriotism and tradition, as "God Bless the USA" is a widely recognized and beloved American anthem. Trump's words convey a sentiment of nostalgia and appreciation for a classic American song that resonates with many of his supporters.

Trump said: "That voice is still great, he hasn't even lost an ounce.. you're amazing, thank you very much it's been such an incredible song for all of us, it's been with us for a long time right from the beginning and we appreciate it."

On the other hand, Biden's reaction is cringe-inducing and reflects his deceprit politics and degenerate art's infuence in America.

Both moments reflect different aspects of American culture and the presidency, with Trump's interaction emphasizing tradition and patriotism, while Biden's interaction represents degenerate art's influence on the Oval Office.

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