LISTEN: "God's Gonna Get'cha (For That)" a Classic American Beat from George Jones and Tammy Wynette

Many folks are familiar with the traditional American folk song: "God's Gonna Cut You Down." made infamous by the one and only Mr. Johnny Cash (Although it was recorded earlier by many incredible artists like the gospel singer Odetta and country legend Bobbie Gentry).

Are there other songs out there same theme? Well, the answer is yes! And in 1975 George Jones and Tammy Wynette released "God's Gonna Get'cha for That," a song that takes this timeless story and creates a soul-stirring narrative on divine judgment and moral scrutiny. With an awesome a cappella intro, the duo navigates the pitfalls of hypocrisy and hidden transgressions in a world filled with contradictions.

Also--- the song is in a major key with a bouncy tempo, giving the the song a joyful tone versus the minor key harmony of "God's Gonna Cut You Down".

The lyrics, penned by E.E. Collins, serve as a stark reminder that no act goes unnoticed in the eyes of a higher power. "Every wrong thing that you do, God's gonna get'cha for that," echoes the chorus, emphasizing the inevitability of facing the consequences of one's actions.

Under the production guidance of Billy Sherrill, the song encapsulates the essence of traditional American country music while also creating a distinctive "American Beat" that characterizes the era of the 70s.

George Jones and Tammy Wynette's vocal chemistry shines through as they deliver a powerful performance. "God's Gonna Get'cha for That" addresses the pervasive theme of hypocrisy within the context of faith and community.

It points fingers at those who profess righteousness but engage in hidden transgressions. The narrative unfolds through vivid vignettes, including a preacher caught in a compromising situation and a devoted churchgoer succumbing to temptation.

Released as part of the George & Tammy & Tina album, the song became the second charting single from the duo, reaching number 25 on the U.S. Hot Country Singles chart. Beyond its chart success, the song stands as a timeless reflection of truth in a world of lies.


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