LISTEN: Webb Pierce's Timeless 1954 Classic "Even Tho" and Relive Country Music History

"Even Tho," a timeless country music gem, was recorded by the legendary Webb Pierce and co-written with Willie Jones and Curt Peeples. Released in 1954 on the Decca label, this song captures the heartache of lost love.

In "Even Tho," the singer laments a love that has left him devastated. Despite his lover taking the sunshine out of his heaven and the twinkle out of his eye, his love for her remains undiminished. This raw emotional honesty resonated deeply with audiences, propelling the song to the top of the charts.

In June 1954, "Even Tho" achieved remarkable success, reaching the No. 1 spot on the Country & Western Records Most Played By Folk Disk Jockeys chart. It also peaked at No. 2 on the Juke Box chart and No. 3 on the Best Seller chart. Billboard's year-end country chart ranked it as the No. 4 song of 1954, cementing its status as a classic.

"Even Tho" has also inspired numerous artists to record their own versions, including Chet Atkins, Carl Mann, Connie Smith, Don Gibson, George Hamilton IV, and Matt King. Each cover brings a unique interpretation while honoring the song's heartfelt essence.

The American Beat approves this classic track for its timeless quality and emotional depth. Webb Pierce's "Even Tho" remains a standout in country music history, offering listeners a glimpse into the heartache of lost love with a sincerity that continues to resonate.

Listen to Webb Pierce's "Even Tho" and experience the enduring magic of this country classic!

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