Matt Walsh Slams Beyonce's Cover of Dolly Parton's Jolene

Country music icon Dolly Parton's timeless hit "Jolene" has garnered a new wave of attention, largely negative, thanks to Beyoncé's rendition on her latest album, "Cowboy Carter."

Not everyone is singing Beyonce's praises. Conservative commentator Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire has joined the chorus of critics, lambasting Beyoncé's cover for what he perceives as a lack of authenticity and soul.

In a recent post, Walsh didn't mince words: "I didn’t say that Beyoncé’s rewrite of 'Jolene' was shocking or dangerous. I said it’s bad and it drains all the heart and longing and vulnerability out of the original, which is what made it a classic." He went on to critique Beyoncé's entire body of work, claiming it lacks genuine artistry and soul, instead labeling it as "blustery girlboss anthems full of juvenile cliches."

Beyoncé's decision to cover "Jolene" on her latest album, "Cowboy Carter," has ignited a firestorm of debate. Released as part of the second act of her trilogy, following "Renaissance" in 2022, "Cowboy Carter" features a mix of original tracks and covers, including collaborations with artists like Miley Cyrus.

However, it's Beyoncé's interpretation of "Jolene" that has stirred up the most controversy, largely due to the changes in Beyonce's cover's lyrics.

Changes include this stanza, which has rubbed many the wrong way

You’re beautiful, beyond compare
Takes more than beauty and seductive stares
To come between a family and a happy man
Jolene, I'm a woman too
Thе games you play are nothing new
So you don't want no hеat with me, Jolene

While some fans appreciate Beyoncé's take on the classic song, others have been less than impressed. Social media has been flooded with criticism, with one Twitter user commenting, "Dolly Parton been saying she wanted Beyonce to cover Jolene. And Beyonce did. And let Jolene know it was gonna be bad for her health to keep up the bulls**t."

Another user expressed disappointment, writing, "Beyoncé has ruined Jolene-- don't mess with a classic!"

Despite the mixed reception, Dolly Parton herself had previously expressed admiration for Beyoncé and her music, even expressing her desire for Beyoncé to cover "Jolene."

Interestingly enough, a cover of the song by The White Stripes has seen renewed attention, with the comment section flooded with comments like "Came in 2024 to state that is better than Beyoncé’s." Another reads "Beyonce just covered this song, thinking she did a Whitney [Houston]"

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