Nashville City Council Goes Woke: Denies Morgan Wallen a Sign for His Bar

Despite his widespread popularity and record-breaking stadium tours, Morgan Wallen has faced a significant setback in his efforts to establish a new bar in downtown Nashville. The Nashville Metro Council has denied Wallen's request to erect a glowing sign at his soon-to-open venue, Morgan Wallen’s This Bar & Tennessee Kitchen. The decision was made during a council vote on Tuesday evening, where the proposal was rejected by a 30-3 margin.

The council's decision was heavily influenced by Wallen's past controversies. In 2021, Wallen faced backlash for using a racial slur, which significantly impacted his public image. More recently, he was accused of throwing a chair off a rooftop near two police officers, leading to criminal charges. These incidents were cited by council members as the primary reasons for their decision to reject the sign.

The proposed sign was intended to hang over a public sidewalk, similar to many other establishments in Nashville's vibrant honky-tonk district. Typically, obtaining approval for such signage is a routine process, but Wallen's case proved to be an exception.  The bar is still set to open this weekend, albeit without the prominent signage that Wallen had envisioned.

An initial hearing in Wallen’s criminal case related to the chair-throwing incident has been postponed until August 15. According to an arrest affidavit, the chair allegedly thrown by Wallen landed about a yard away from two police officers, further compounding his legal troubles.

For now, Wallen's This Bar & Tennessee Kitchen will open its doors without the neon sign, marking a new chapter in the ongoing saga of the country star's public life.

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