Patriot Mobile Partners with Country Artist Rachel Holt for a Powerful New Pro-Life Anthem

Rachel Holt, a young artist with deep American and Christian values, channels her beliefs into her music, offering a counter-narrative to the predominant pro-abortion messages prevalent in today's media. The song, written from the perspective of an unborn baby, delivers a powerful emotional punch.

The lyrics of "I Was Gonna Be" are hauntingly beautiful and convey the message of a life that never had the chance to flourish. Holt sings:

Some don’t believe I’m a living soul
Just a bad mistake that needs to go
If my mama coulda just seen my face
Maybe she woulda had me anyway

These lines set the tone for the song, highlighting the internal struggle and unspoken thoughts of an unborn child. The chorus continues to pull at the heartstrings:

All I wanted was a chance
To learn to love and laugh and dance
But I was gone before I arrived
Sent back to heaven on a starlight flight
Yeah I was gonna change the world
I was gonna be a girl

Rachel Holt’s collaboration with Chris Wallin, known for his chart-topping hits with Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney, and Garth Brooks, brings a level of expertise and emotional depth to the song. Wallin, now the Executive Partner and Head of A&R at Baste Records, discovered Holt’s talent in 2023 and signed her to the label, which supports artists with conservative and traditional values.

The song's message is further amplified by a sponsorship from Patriot Mobile, America’s only Christian conservative wireless provider. Their support underscores the alignment of values and commitment to the pro-life cause. For more information and to get a free month of service, visit Patriot Mobile and use the promo code RACHEL.

Rachel Holt’s "I Was Gonna Be" is a reminder of the lives lost to abortion and the potential each life holds. The lyrics continue to resonate:

The first thing I was gonna do
Was breathe and fall in love with you
But a couple weeks before I saw the light
Mine flickered out when you changed your mind

These words, delivered with Holt’s heartfelt performance, emphasize the personal loss and missed opportunities that come with each abortion. The song concludes with a powerful assertion of the unborn child's identity and potential:

I'm more than just some one night stand
Or some burden that you think I am
And there ain’t no man ever gonna be
What I was gonna be

For those who value the pro-life cause, "I Was Gonna Be" is a must-listen. The song is courageous and the music offers a beacon of hope and a call to remember the potential in every life. Rachel Holt's journey as an artist is just beginning and with her strong values and undeniable talent, she is sure to make a significant impact on the music scene and beyond. You can support Rachel buy downloading the song on iTunes or Amazon here:


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