Post Malone Teases New Collaboration with Chris Stapleton in Country Music Venture

 Post Malone continues his exploration into country music with his latest collaboration featuring one of the genre's biggest stars, Chris Stapleton. The rapper-turned-country singer shared a snippet of the song on social media, though he provided few details about the track.

Here are some lyrics from the unreleased song:

"She whispered pull it over, I said you're the boss / In a southern drawl said here's where I get off / I've enjoyed the time / She said baby give me one more kiss before I kiss your a-- goodbye," the two sing on the track.

"This one's with @chrisstapleton," Malone wrote in the caption. You can hear a teaser of Post's song with Stapleton below.

this one’s with @Chris Stapleton

♬ original sound - Post Malone

### How Did Post Malone Secure a Collaboration with Chris Stapleton?

Securing a collaboration with Stapleton is no easy feat. While Malone hasn't shared the specifics of how their partnership came about, Carly Pearce offered insight into how she managed to work with Stapleton. She revealed her strategic approach during an interview with SiriusXM The Highway.

"I think the best thing you can do is go to somebody's wife," Pearce said. "So I DM'd [Stapleton's wife] Morgane on Instagram, and I said, 'Hey, I know this is super weird, but I have this song that I really want Chris to hear. Do you mind if I send it?'"

Pearce noted that Morgane was candid about Stapleton's selectiveness with collaboration requests. Clearly, Stapleton was impressed with Malone's idea for a song to agree to sing on it.

### Previous Country Collaborations by Post Malone

Malone has already built an impressive list of country collaborations. His first was with Morgan Wallen on "I Had Some Help," followed by "Pour Me a Drink" featuring Blake Shelton. Both tracks have been released in their entirety.

Additionally, Malone has teased a song with Luke Combs titled "Ain't Got a Guy for That."

Many fans speculate that these songs, along with "She Ain't Yours," "Never Love You Again," and "Drinkin' 'Bout You," will be featured on his upcoming country album. The "F-1 Trillion" project is set to drop on August 16. Malone will also embark on a 21-date tour named after the album, starting on September 9.
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