Pre-Save For Carly Tefft's New Single "Overnight" Available Now

Musical artist Carly Tefft is set to release her latest single titled "Overnight," and fans can now pre-save the song across various streaming platforms. Based in Nashville but originally hailing from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Tefft's music journey has taken her from small-town gigs to national stages. However, her rise to fame has not been without its challenges.

In a recent incident, Tefft found herself at the center of controversy after performing the national anthem at a Donald Trump rally in April. Following her appearance, a restaurant in Cape Cod allegedly canceled her future performances, citing "controversy" as the reason. Tefft recounted the owner of Harvest Gallery, the venue in question, expressing concern that her association with the rally would alienate customers.

Despite the owner's decision, Tefft remained steadfast in her beliefs. She viewed the opportunity to sing the national anthem as a chance to unite people, regardless of political differences. While disappointed by the cancellation of her performances, Tefft expressed concern about the broader implications of such actions, particularly for future generations.

For Tefft, music has always been a platform for connection and expression. Her dedication to her craft and willingness to stand by her convictions have garnered both praise and criticism. However, through it all, Tefft remains committed to using her voice to bring people together, even in the face of adversity.

"Overnight" will be released this Friday, March 22,
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