Pro-Life Anthem "I Was Gonna Be" by Rachel Holt Debuts on the Billboard Charts

Rachel Holt, the rising star from Milan, TN, continues to make waves with her debut Nashville single, "I Was Gonna Be." This powerful pro-life anthem has not only captured the hearts of listeners worldwide but also achieved significant milestones on various music charts.

Released on June 21, "I Was Gonna Be" quickly soared to the #1 spot on the iTunes country charts within 48 hours. Its emotional resonance and compelling message also propelled it to the #10 position globally among all iTunes downloads, highlighting its widespread appeal.

Holt's single has now made an impressive entrance onto the Billboard charts, securing spots in three different categories. It is currently #9 on the Billboard Country Digital Song Sales chart, #20 on the Billboard Digital Song Sales chart, and Rachel Holt herself is ranked #21 on the Billboard Emerging Artists chart. These achievements underscore her growing influence in the music industry.

Rachel Holt's journey to stardom began in December when she signed with Baste Records, a right-wing counterculture music company dedicated to promoting artists with unique and powerful messages. The signing marked a significant milestone in her career, setting the stage for her subsequent success. Her collaboration with renowned industry professionals, including Chris Wallin, has been instrumental in bringing her music to a wider audience.

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