Rapper Forgiato Blow Releases "Black MAGA" Song Celebrating Trump

Rapper Forgiato Blow released his latest song, titled "Black MAGA," performed under the pseudonym Black Donald Trump.

The music video, uploaded to his YouTube channel "Mayor of Magville," shows "Blacks for Trump" signs everywhere, including on cars and on shirts. 

In the video, the rapper can be seen surrounded by a crowd of African Americans in a parking lot, proudly proclaiming, "Donald Trump. Yeah, that's my president." The music video features a likeness of former President Donald Trump, sporting a "Trump 2024" T-shirt and sunglasses, giving a thumbs-up gesture.

"Black MAGA! Black MAGA!" Forgiato Blow exclaims in the song. "Donald Trump the first black president!"

The lyrics delve into political themes, slamming the Democratic Party and praising Trump. "Ever seen a black patriot? Yeah, we exist! The Democrats use my color just to stay rich." He also addresses issues like illegal immigration, expressing frustration with liberal priorities.

The song references a viral video moment from Trump's visit to a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Atlanta, where a black woman expressed her support for the former president. The rapper uses this moment to highlight what he sees as growing black support for Trump.

In a recent Wall Street Journal poll, Biden's support among black men in battleground states has decreased, with more indicating a preference for Trump compared to the previous election. The reasons cited for this shift include concerns about crime and inflation.

Forgiato Blow's YouTube channel features other politically themed songs, such as "Boycott Target," which criticizes the retail giant's gay pride-themed children's clothing, and "MTG," which praises Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).
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