Travel Back to 1955-Style Grace and Hospitality with Porter Wagoner's "Company's Comin'"

Penned by Johnny Mullins and delivered with infectious energy, this 1955 gem is a celebration of community and hospitality.

The song wastes no time in setting the scene, with an electrifying intro featuring the rhythmic percussion of spoons or perhaps a washboard, instantly evoking images of a lively gathering on a front porch or in a cozy kitchen. As the beat kicks in, listeners are swept up in the narrator's breathless excitement as he rushes to inform Mama of the impending arrival of guests.

"Oh, Mama, I'm excited, I'm almost out of breath," the narrator exclaims, his words tinged with the thrill of anticipation. From the mountainside, he spies the approaching company, and with each verse, the sense of urgency grows. The urgency to prepare, to welcome, and to share in the joy of camaraderie.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a household springing into action at the news of visitors. Granny changes her apron, Willie shines his shoes, and Sally dons her best dress. There's a flurry of activity as preparations are made to ensure the guests feel welcome and appreciated.

As the song builds to its jubilant crescendo, the anticipation reaches a fever pitch. "Land a-Goshen, I'll allow they'll be here any minute now," the narrator exclaims, his excitement palpable. And when the guests finally arrive, the joyous chorus of "Company comin' up the road" rings out like a welcoming embrace.

They don't make music like this anymore. Enjoy this 50s gem!

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