Triggered Corporate Rock Stars Block Truth Teller Five Times August On X

In the rebellious spirit of rock and roll, Five Times August's latest single, "Ain't No Rock and Roll," doesn't shy away from addressing the complacency and conformity of legendary rockstars during times of governmental corruption. The song takes a direct aim at iconic figures like Gene Simmons, P!NK, Questlove, and The Offspring, accusing them of betraying the essence of rebellion that rock and roll embodies. The accompanying music video vividly illustrates the lyrics, making a powerful statement against those who have aligned themselves with corporate interests.

The lyrics of "Ain't No Rock and Roll" lament the loss of the freedom-loving spirit that once existed in the mainstream of rock and roll music culture. It critiques the sell-out of once-revolutionary figures, accusing them of prioritizing fame and financial gain over the pursuit of truth and justice. The lines targeting specific artists, such as Gene Simmons, P!NK, and The Offspring, add a confrontational edge to the song, calling out their compliance with pharmaceutical interests and the stifling of dissent.

Gene Simmons, known for his role in KISS is perhaps the most egregious offender. He infamously stated “If you're willing to walk among us unvaccinated, you are an enemy" making headlines with his strong stance against the unvaccinated, branding them as "enemies." Five Times August's critique of Simmons adds depth to the narrative, highlighting how Simmons, once a symbol of rebellion, liberation and freedom now aligns himself with the mainstream narrative, stifling the essence of rock and roll.

P!NK's support for California's vaccine mandate becomes a point of contention in the song. The article draws attention to her dismissive attitude toward those opposing the mandate, emphasizing how even artists who once embodied rebellion now stand on the side of authority.

The departure of Pete Parada from The Offspring due to his refusal to get vaccinated adds a personal touch to the narrative. Parada's presence on the track becomes a symbolic clapback against the music industry's demand for compliance and obedience, showcasing how even within the band, the spirit of rebellion is stifled in the face of corporate pressure.

"Ain't No Rock and Roll" by Five Times August serves as a poignant critique of the once-revolutionary rockstars who have succumbed to the pressures of the corporate machine. The vivid imagery in the music video, coupled with the targeted lyrics, creates a powerful narrative that calls for a return to the rebellious roots of rock and roll. As the song takes on iconic figures, it challenges fans to reevaluate the authenticity of their musical heroes and emphasizes the importance of maintaining the spirit of rebellion in the face of conformity. Check it out on X below:









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