Viral Rapper Sexyy Red Admits She Likes President Trump: “Yeah, We Support Him in the Hood”

In a recent episode of comedian Theo Von's This Past Weekend podcast, viral rapper Sexyy Red, also known as Janae Nierah Wherry, made headlines by expressing her support for former President Donald Trump. The St. Louis, Missouri native spoke candidly about Trump's appeal in the hood, citing actions such as criminal justice reform and financial support as key reasons for her endorsement. However, her political stance has ignited a heated debate among fans and critics alike.

During the podcast, Theo Von questioned Sexyy Red about the potential increase in Trump's support in urban communities. Red, without hesitation, affirmed her liking for Trump, claiming that support for the former president is prevalent in the hood. She highlighted Trump's efforts in criminal justice reform and providing financial assistance as pivotal factors that changed perceptions within the Black community.

She further praised Trump for his boldness and humor in interviews, stating, "we need people like him." The interview's release on X (formerly Twitter) triggered a wave of reactions. Supporters lauded Sexyy Red for her outspoken endorsement of Trump. One fan declared, "I knew I liked her," while others echoed their approval, labeling her a "QUEEN." However, not everyone was on board, with some expressing disapproval and dismissing her politically driven statements.

Beyond the political discourse, the podcast delved into Sexyy Red's personal life, shedding light on her upbringing in a single-parent household and the impact of her stepfather's tragic death.

Sexyy Red's endorsement of Donald Trump showcases the diverse opinions within the hip-hop community. As the 2024 presidential election approaches, Trump's popularity remains a focal point of discussion. Sexyy Red's unapologetic support adds another layer to the ongoing political and cultural conversations, leaving fans and critics alike with a lot to ponder as the controversy surrounding her comments continues to unfold.

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