WATCH: Bob Luman's 1960 Epic Live Performance of "Let's Think About Living"

Bob Luman's 1960 hit "Let's Think About Living" is a breath of fresh air in the musical landscape of its time. Written by Boudleaux Bryant, this song stands out with its witty and satirical take on the prevailing themes of tragedy and melancholy that dominated the airwaves. Luman, known for his versatility as a musician, delivers a spirited performance that combines elements of rockabilly with country charm.

The song's lyrics humorously poke fun at the prevalence of death and despair in contemporary music, particularly in the teenage tragedy and gunfighter ballad genres. Luman playfully suggests that if every singer who crooned about dying actually met their demise, he would be the last one standing in the industry. Instead of dwelling on sorrowful themes, he advocates for a shift towards more joyful and celebratory topics such as living, loving, and dancing.

Luman's own journey in the music industry adds depth to the song's message. Initially torn between a promising baseball career and his passion for music, he found success after a fortuitous encounter with the Everly Brothers. Their encouragement led him to record "Let's Think About Living," which became a chart-topping hit and reignited his career.

With its clever lyrics, catchy melody, and Bob Luman's dynamic performance, "Let's Think About Living" is a standout gem in the annals of American beat culture.

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