WATCH: Keith Carradine’s Award-Winning Performance of "I'm Easy" in Nashville from 1975

"I'm Easy" is an Academy Award-winning song written and performed by Keith Carradine for the 1975 movie Nashville. The song, a beautiful ballad, became a hit in 1976 and showcases Carradine's exceptional musical talent.

The song is a tender ballad about a guileless lover in awe of the object of his affection. However, Carradine's character, Tom, is far from innocent. A manipulative womanizer, Tom dedicates the song to "a special someone" during a performance at the Exit/In, a real-life Nashville music club. Several women in the audience—Tom's past, recent, and future conquests—believe the song is meant for them, highlighting the contrast between the song's pure sentiment and Tom's deceitful nature.

The original version of "I'm Easy" features a simple acoustic guitar ballad accompanied by a cello, creating an intimate and heartfelt feel. Later, Carradine re-recorded the song at a slightly faster tempo, adding percussion, keyboards, and synthesizer accompaniment, and released it on Asylum Records in late 1976.

Despite the song's association with Carradine, it is often mistakenly linked to Jim Croce due to the similarity in their vocal styles and guitar playing. This confusion is understandable, as Croce's influence on folk and acoustic music was profound before his untimely death in a plane crash two years before the release of Nashville.

Watch Keith Carradine's captivating performance of "I'm Easy" in Nashville below and experience the timeless charm of this award-winning song!

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