WATCH: Legendary 1959 Performance of Johnny Horton's "The Battle Of New Orleans" on The Ed Sullivan Show

"The Battle of New Orleans", penned by Jimmy Driftwood is a time capsule. It offers a light-hearted take on the War of 1812, narrated from the perspective of an American soldier facing off against British forces. 

Set to the jaunty melody of "The 8th of January," a traditional fiddle tune commemorating the date of the battle, Driftwood's lyrics bring the events to life with a playful touch. As the song unfolds, we're regaled with the exploits of Colonel Jackson and his ragtag band of soldiers as they outsmart and outgun the British invaders.

Johnny Horton's rendition of the song catapulted it to the top of the charts in 1959, capturing the hearts of audiences with its spirited delivery and infectious charm. On June 7, 1959, Horton brought this classic to life in a legendary performance on The Ed Sullivan Show, captivating viewers with his twangy vocals and theatrical performance which includes a mock reenactment of the battle. 

So, sit back, relax, and relive the magic of this song which belongs to a bygone era where patriotism was mainstream.

With its toe-tapping rhythms and lyrics full of real American history, this classic rendition of "The Battle of New Orleans" is sure to leave you humming along and tapping your toes long after the curtain falls.

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