WATCH: Ted Nugent and Mike Huckabee Team Up for "Cat Scratch Fever" Jam on Fox News

In a spirited celebration of classic rock and roll, two unlikely figures took the Fox News stage by storm, delivering a raucous rendition of Ted Nugent's 1977 hit "Cat Scratch Fever." The duo, composed of legendary rocker Ted Nugent and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, brought together a fusion of musical prowess and political nostalgia, leaving audiences both surprised and delighted.

Ted Nugent, often dubbed the "Motor City Madman," has been a prominent figure in the rock music scene since the late 1960s. Known for his electrifying guitar solos, high-energy performances, and outspoken personality, Nugent's career has spanned over five decades. With hits like "Stranglehold," "Free-for-All," and "Cat Scratch Fever," Nugent has cemented his place in the annals of rock history. Beyond his music, Nugent is also known for his passionate advocacy on various political and social issues, making him a an undeniably influential figure.

Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas and a familiar face in American politics, is perhaps an unexpected addition to this rock duo. However, Huckabee has long showcased his musical talents, often performing on his own talk show, "Huckabee". An accomplished bassist, Huckabee has shared the stage with numerous musical legends, demonstrating that his talents extend far beyond the political arena.

Originally released in 1977, "Cat Scratch Fever" is one of Ted Nugent's most iconic songs. The track, with its unforgettable riff and energetic vibe, quickly climbed the charts, becoming a defining anthem of 70s rock. Its gritty, raw sound and Nugent's signature guitar work have made it a perennial favorite among rock enthusiasts, earning its place in the pantheon of classic rock hits.

So enjoy the jam. The American Beat Approves


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