"Wimpy, Weak and Woke": Christian Rocker John Cooper Releases New Book Calling Out PC Culture

John Cooper, the lead vocalist, bassist, and songwriter/producer for Skillet, a rock band recognized as one of the best-selling of the 21st century, shares reflections on the current state of America in his new book "Wimpy, Weak and Woke: How Truth Can Save America From Utopian Destruction."

In contemplating the current state of America, Cooper cannot ignore the pervasive feeling that something fundamental has gone awry. The prohibition of prayer in schools coincides with the mandatory introduction of radical gender theories to kindergarteners. Parents who resist the inclusion of Critical Race Theory (CRT) or explicit sex education for their young children find themselves labeled as threats, while events like drag queen story hours are celebrated as virtuous. The condemnation of racism takes a curious turn when directed against whites and Jewish people being oddly justified as "justice." 

According to Mr. Cooper, as we stand on the brink of a potential decline in Western civilization, it is crucial to understand that the divide in America extends beyond mere culture wars, partisan politics, or tribalism. The crux of the matter lies in the dichotomy between those upholding the principles of the West and those perceiving the West as the source of oppression, intolerance, and global injustice.

To comprehend the surreal state of our reality, one must grapple with the idea that morality is no longer anchored to a fixed standard. The outdated notion of absolute morality, tied to Western Christian values, has been supplanted by a perspective that highlights oppressors and the oppressed. Actions against those at the top, deemed oppressors, are justified solely on the basis of their position. 

John Cooper serves as the frontman, bassist, and the creative force behind Skillet, a rock band that stands among the top-selling acts of the 21st century.

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