Wynonna Judd's Daugher Arrested After Indecent Exposure Incident on Highway

Wynonna Judd's daughter, Grace Pauline Kelley, found herself in legal trouble once again after being arrested in Alabama for alleged indecent exposure on a highway. Kelley, 27, was taken into custody by the Millbrook Police Department on Friday, April 5, after reportedly exposing herself to drivers at the intersection of Interstate 65 and Highway 14.

According to reports, Kelley faces two misdemeanors: indecent exposure for revealing her breasts and "lower body," and obstructing governmental operations for refusing to identify herself to police and comply with their instructions, US Magazine reports.

This isn't the first time Kelley has faced legal issues. In June 2016, she was arrested on drug charges and later pleaded guilty to meth manufacturing, delivery, sale, and possession with intent. She was sentenced to 11 months and 29 days in jail, which was later reduced to 30 days plus probation.

Despite these setbacks, Kelley continued to have run-ins with the law, including a probation violation arrest in April 2020. Her legal troubles culminated in a May 2023 arrest for violating an order of protection and a restraining order, as well as violating her parole. She was released in October 2023.

Throughout these challenges, Kelley has been a mother to her daughter Kaliyah Chanel, born in April 2022. Wynonna Judd, her mother, remains an active presence in Kaliyah's life, finding solace and hope in her granddaughter amid personal and familial turmoil.

Kelley's latest arrest brings to light the ongoing struggles she faces, despite efforts to move forward positively. As her legal journey continues, her family, including Wynonna and her sister Ashley Judd, navigate both personal losses and triumphs, finding strength in each other amid life's uncertainties.

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