Chad Prather Lambastes Joe Biden for Desecrating Easter Sunday With "Trans Day of Visibility"

Country music star Chad Prather publicly announcing his decision to celebrate Easter, along with hundreds of millions of Christians around the globe, rather than acknowledging the baseless and arbitrary Trans Visibility Day, which fell on March 31st this year.

In a post to X, Prather made his stance clear, denouncing Trans Visibility Day as a "woke, IMAGINARY, demonic holiday" and expressing his disapproval of it being held to such high regard by the Biden administration.

Prather's decision came in the wake of President Joe Biden recognizing Transgender Day of Visibility. with Biden's proclamation, issued on March 29th, urging Americans to honor transgender individuals, advocating for the elimination of violence and discrimination based on gender identity. While the mission to eliminate violence against trans people is nobel, the so-called holiday being held and recognized alongside Easter and the celebration of Christ's resurrection rubbed many the wrong way, and to others was flat-out offensive.

Prather's refusal to acknowledge Trans Visibility Day and his prioritization of Easter highlight show strong Christian beliefs in times of confusion and deception from leaders like Biden. Prather, Known for his unwavering commitment to Christian values, has been vocal about his Christian faith throughout his career.

In addition to his outspoken faith, Prather's recent musical endeavors reflect his desire to uphold Christian values within the country music genre. His collaboration with Baste Records "Famous Again" serves as a rallying cry for a revival of faith in Christ within the realm of country music.

"Famous Again" features lyrics that show the importance of faith and traditional values, aligning closely with Prather's personal beliefs. In a recent interview, Prather expressed his excitement about the song's release, emphasizing its role in reconnecting listeners with the authentic roots of country music.

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